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$25 Member of Out-of-State Bar
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$ Bar Examination Candidate PMBR Scholarship Fund

$ Law Student Bar Review Scholarship Fund (Awarded to current year California State Bar candidate.)

$ Law Student Scholarship Fund (Awarded to current law Student based on need and/or merit.)

$ Friends of The Wiley W. Manuel Bar Association (Funds annual scholarships awarded to current law students based on need and/or merit.)

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State Bar Conference

Citizen Advisory Committee

Project Protect and Defend

Annual Mixer

The Black Lawyer Quarterly Newsletter

Judicial Appointments

Membership Committee

Center for Youth Citizenship

Continuing Legal Education

Foundation/501 (c) (3) Fundraising

Unity Bar

District Atty. Multi-cultural Committee Member

CABL Representative

Mentorship Committee

Legal Fusion

*served two terms
David Seals
Milton Armistead
Ramona Armistead
Honorable Gary Ransom
Samuel Jackson
David Brown
Joseph Russell
Windie O. Scott
Jessie Morris
Doreathea Johnson
Honorable Renard Shepard
Barbara Yonemura
Thelma Bailey
Mark Harris
Ben Johnson
Carol Widemon
Greg Finch
Warren Quann*
Aleshia (Poole) White
Clarence Brown* (dec.)
G. Cat Stokes
Mark Ambrose
Honorable Bunmi Awoniyi
Keith Staten*
Renee C.T. Carter*
Dana L. Flanagan-McBeth
Jean-Pierre Francillette*
Dale McKinney
Fredericka McGee
Dianne Dobbs
Alana Mathews
June R. Powells-Mays
Shanae Buffington

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